Startup Services: FAQ's 

Why should we use CEW communications?

At CEW Communications we've worked with over 200 startups across a huge range of sectors in little under six years, along with a great mix of venture capitalists, accelerators and other supportive organisations. We know first hand how hard it is to get noise as a startup, but we also know that a lot of companies don't fully understand how to use the channels they have available. 

We're firm believers in trying to find new ways for communications agencies to work with startups, and keep cost low, so that you can focus on investing into your team and product, and keep the relationships you build with the media and the skills of communications in-house, until a time where you might need external support.

Our Startup Services are for every small business on its way to scaling up. So whether you're a solo founder, an intern or a small marketing team, there's a package to suit your needs, so you can learn more about communications and develop your own skills and connections. 

Who runs the masterclass and sessions?

Our Founder and Director, Cathy White, runs the majority of our sessions. But dependent on what our Making Waves or Scale-Up clients are looking for, we have a variety of freelance experts on hand to run specific sessions. 

Cathy has worked with some of Europe's leading tech scale-ups, investors and organisations including Transferwise, Seedcamp, Seedrs,, Etsy, Klarna, Index Ventures, SILK Ventures, Tech City UK, Wayra and many more. She has extensive experience in PR, events, social media, community engagement and speaking, as well as working with corporate innovation arms and anyone looking to address diversity. 

You can learn more about Cathy, here. 

How do i know what package I need? 

Our packages grow alongside you. 


You or a member of your team need a lesson in communications. You want to better understand the channels available to you, and how to create a strategy that works for your audience. With some clever hacks to manage things when your budget and time is limited. 


Designed for a team that is ready to go out with announcement number one - such as a funding release or product launch - and needs some more support in the right direction. This service is provided to make sure your press release hits all the right notes, and you feel comfortable pitching to press directly. 

Making Waves and Scale-Up

These two packages are designed to support a founder team or marketing team. We provide you with a variety of different one-to-one sessions so you can deep-dive into specifics. Acting as a consultant to advise you and give feedback on the communications and digital marketing strategies you put in place. 

With years of experience across lots of sectors, and some amazing experts, you can learn from our successes and failures to build the best plan of action for your company. 

We have a marketing person and/or team - where does CEW Communications fit in?

We help them! Think of us as the external consultant team that comes in and provides the support and/or training you need for your staff. With our added experience we can provide useful insights and a sounding board to help you with your strategy and to learn from your results. 

What's on offer in the one-to-one sessions? 

Via CEW Communications and our network, we can cover the following:

- Creative Brainstorms: we'll guide you and your team through a session to come up with campaign ideas that you can keep!

- Media Training: from CEW Communications or a journalist

- Product Feedback: we'll go through your app or website with you and make sure the copy is on point!

- Events Curation: working you through how to build, manage and run a hosted event

- Pitching: we've seen a lot of presentations, why not pitch to us in a safe space and get feedback

- Media Strategy: how to get a specific announcement out to press

- Social Media Strategy: how to grow and manage a following with limited time 

- Content Marketing: we'll help you put a plan together and figure out the operations side

- Communications Therapy: things may have gone wrong in the past, let's unpick that problem and learn

- Press Office Function: building the processes your team needs to manage reactive and proactive press

- Marketing Team Magic: everything from people management issues to making sure you're providing the best support

More to be announced soon!

Do you pitch stories for us?

We'll include you in our monthly press memo, across our social channels and our blog. 

We won't actively pitch you to the press unless one of our journalist friends asks for an introduction or recommendation. 

Your company will remain in our database, so whenever we can find a way to help connect you to a key story or press lead, we will try our very best. 

How long does each package last?

The package length depends on you, but the Starter Package is designed to help you in less than a month, with Making Waves lasting up to six weeks, and Scale-Up providing a six-month check in service. 

Other key points

Press contacts issued on Starter, Making Waves or Scale-Up Packages

We only share publicly available information. We will pull together all the publications and specific journalists you should approach, however due to privacy laws, unless their information is publicly available we will only be able to share the information provided by the publication. 

Our service provides you with the strategic media outlets you should be approaching, but we cannot 100% guarantee that we can share specific email addresses or phone numbers. 


We're happy to sign non-disclosure agreements with all companies we work with and will work with you to capture the information you're happy for us to keep on record to share with the press. 


Payment for any package is in full in advance and for Starter, Making Waves and Scale-Up an invoice will be provided in advance. 

We do not give refunds or discounts on the services we provide. But we can issue a group discount for 3+ team members to attend a Masterclass. 

Further Questions? Drop us an email at