The communications partner for scaling businesses 

We're the new kid on the block that wants to do agency differently. We work with tech and digital brands that are changing their sectors, to get results that make a difference to a growing business. We don't believe in vanity communications. We're here to make sure you're heard and seen where you should be. We're strategic. We're frank. We test and learn. We're your add-on CMO. 

Contact: I +44(0)7791232834 


What we offer


We're strategic. We help you make the right noise at the right moments. We only want you to be seen where you should be, and drive for coverage that brings results.                                  


Sometimes all you need is a connection. We make sure you're seen by influencers and introduced to make an impact on your business. 


Content is king. Having something new to say can bring a community together. We help curate events with meaning, so you stand out from the crowd when you bring one together. 


Have the chance to speak at an event and want to be remembered? We challenge you and prepare you to get you pitch perfect.  

Social media and content

Yesterday's news is lost, surrounded by huge amounts of content. We amplify what you say and create an echo chamber effect to extend your reach.


You have the team in place but just need a steer in the right direction. We come in to make sure you're driving results as much as you can. 

Startup Services 

Think you need Communications on a budget? For companies looking for support but without the monthly commitment we offer a range of startup specific packages. Find out more. 

Contact: I +44(0)7791232834

Looking for work?

We're on the hunt for freelancers to join the CEW Communications Network - MORE HERE!