The client
TaxScouts is the most convenient way of having your personal income tax prepared online by certified accountants at the cost of using an online tax preparation tool. Backed by world-class angel investors, the company was founded by early employees and alumni of leading European startups such as TransferWise, Skype and MarketInvoice.

The challenge
After successfully working on TaxScouts’ first funding announcement in 2018, they reignited our partnership to promote their second funding round. The announcement was to go live before the deadline for the self-assessment submissions, at the end of January 2019.

Our solution
CEW worked with TaxScouts to set goals for the project and create the right story and angle that worked across the press. We refined the company’s message for this specific announcement through a kick-off discussion. We also liaised with investors to get comments for the press release and, to add to the story, used statistics related to self-assessment submissions on the previous year.

We worked on a press release that was complemented by a media pack and chose to work on a strategy to pitch the announcement as an exclusive to TechCrunch. After the news was live at TC, we distributed the press release widely to journalists covering Accountancy, Business, SME, Finance, Tax and Tech across national and trade media.

CEW secured an exclusive at TechCrunch. Following that, we secured coverage at Unquote, AccountingWEB, EU Startups and others, totalling 38 pieces overall.

The timing of the release - close to the deadline for Self-Assessment Tax Returns - was also instrumental to get TaxScouts in front of its target audience, building momentum for its brand.

Examples of coverage obtained

What the client said
“Cathy and her team have been absolutely fantastic partners for us. CEW is fast, flexible and really put in the effort to understand what your business goals are and how they actually could help. On top of that, they are fun to work with. They've become our default go-to partner for all things related to communications.”

- Mart Abramov, CEO & Co-Founder, TaxScouts