The client
Tailwise is a platform that matches dog buyers with trusted and safe dog breeders. Launched in 2017, the company received early-stage investment from angels and the Jenson SEIS and EIS Fund 2017/18 in April 2018. The company provides users with a much safer and more joyful experience when looking for a dog, vetting breeders, ensuring puppies are healthy and giving future owners a ‘No Puppy Farm’ guarantee.

The challenge
Tailwise wanted to get their name out and raise its profile as a company that is against puppy farming. They wanted to get exposure ahead of a debate in Parliament to discuss Lucy’s Law, a campaign aimed at banning the sale of puppies by pet shops and commercial third-party dealers.

Our solution
CEW organised a workshop with the founders to refine the company’s history and messaging. We decided to introduce Tailwise to the media by sharing the company’s funding announcement and to position the founders as thought leaders when it came to animal welfare.

We crafted the company’s story and worked on a press release that was complemented by media materials such as bios, case studies, investor quotes and a press kit.

Our approach was to pitch selected publications with an embargo and then distribute the press release widely to journalists covering Tech, Business, SME, Pets & Animal Welfare (including the Lucy’s Law debate) across national and trade media.

In parallel, we also accompanied the debate around Lucy’s Law in Parliament and helped the CEO to craft a comment reacting to the discussion that was later shared with journalists covering the issue.

We secured coverage in top-tier media in the UK in regional, national, consumer and tech press, with The Evening Standard, Sunday Mirror (print and online editions), The Next Web and UK Tech News as the main highlights. 

Following the announcement, CEW secured coverage at BDaily, Just Entrepreneurs, The London TechWatch, and others,  totalling 18 pieces of online coverage.

BBC Radio London reached out to the founders days after the press release was picked up by the media. The CEO participated in the Barking Hour and was interviewed about puppy farming and responsible dog breeding.

CEW also assisted the founders in building initial relationships with journalists covering the company’s main areas of interest.

Examples of coverage obtained

What the client said
“Cathy and her team were a great help to Tailwise when we first raised investment and helped us gain national coverage in Tech London, The Next Web and The Daily Mirror. I would highly recommend CEW, a small and very effective outfit” 

- Sam Worthy, CEO & Co-Founder, Tailwise