Support Women in Tech Every Day - Not just On Ada Lovelace Day

We’re incredibly lucky that every day we get to read, absorb, and follow a whole host of talented journalists as they report on the ins and outs of the wider technology and business world. Obviously what we do means we need to be in the know, but it’s a wonderful bonus when you actually enjoy what you read, and appreciate the journalist behind it.  

CEW has put together a list of talented journalists we highly recommend you follow. 

Yes, as today is Ada Lovelace Day, they all have one very clear thing in common - but what they also share is that we respect them, they are all incredibly talented, and they are reporting on and in a very male-dominated industry.

Ada Lovelace, the English mathematician known for her work on Charles Babbage's proposed mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine. Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images News / Getty Images

Ada Lovelace, the English mathematician known for her work on Charles Babbage's proposed mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine. Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images News / Getty Images

This Ada Lovelace Day we’d like you to expand your world, and follow the work of these great journalists, as another way of seeing a different view or expanding your horizons. So why not join us in following the work of this list of talented reporters - and read their great work for the other 364 days of the year. 

You never know what you might just learn...

Alison Coleman, Freelance

Alison covers business, leadership and HR with work regularly published as a contributor to Forbes, and for other national publications such as The Guardian and The Telegraph. Alison regularly covers issues or trends that impact small businesses and she is always open to hearing from young companies, as well as the more established.

Check out her website and follow her on Twitter.

Annie Musgrove, Freelance & Tech.EU

New to the team over at Tech.EU, Annie joins part-time to apply her knack for taking complex stories and making them easy to understand - applying this gift to dry topics, which we all know can crop up when you’re covering tech news, data and market intelligence!

Follow her on Twitter. 

Amelia Heathman, Digital Technology Journalist, Evening Standard

Amelia covers all things tech and has a particular interest in tech for good, change and women in the industry. She’s been working alongside Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE (see list) on podcast series Women Tech Chat, and her social feed is a snapshot into her sense of humour, and the fun London tech stories we love to digest on our commute. 

Read her articles here and follow her on Twitter.

Amy Lewin, Senior Reporter, Sifted 

We are big fans of Amy, ever since her days previously working for The Courier. Amy is now at Sifted, where not only she reports on the UK and European tech scene but is also responsible for their amazing newsletter. Sifted officially launched its website this year and covers startups and the tech world, bringing a breath of fresh air to the stories of the industry.

You can follow her on Twitter and make her day by signing up for Sifted’s newsletter, here.

Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE, Evening Standard Women Tech Chat Podcast

Just an incredible person. Hugely talented. Massively inspirational. Gets things done. Now the host of a podcast for the Evening Standard and the second season just started - we HIGHLY recommend you follow and listen. 

You can follow her on Twitter and listen to the podcast here

Charlotte Jee, Staff Writer, MIT Technology Review 

Charlotte is the absolute boss behind The Download, the only newsletter in tech you need to read every day. It’s her job to stay on top of the biggest and most interesting news, and then drop it into your inbox for a daily dose of what you really need to know. Previously Editor at TechWorld, and with an additional background in Politics, you can expect a social media feed that blends the tech and political landscape, with some decent jokes and insight into diversity. She’s also just really lovely and welcoming. 

You can read her work here and follow her on Twitter. (Also sign up for her newsletter and make her day!)

Emily Wright, Head of Special Projects & Tech Editor, Estates Gazette

We have a fair few Property Technology clients on our books, so it’s no surprise that we’re keeping an eye on the work of Emily, who writes features, profiles, and interviews for the Estates Gazette magazine and website. In addition, she also freelances for GQ, Wired, The Sunday Times and The Spaces. If PropTech is an interest, you’d better read up. 

Read more of her work here and follow her on Twitter.

Felicity Hannah, Finance & Consumer Affairs Journalist, Freelance

This wonderful writer also happens to have one of the most entertaining Twitter feeds we have come across - for both giggles and insight, tune into her tweets. Felicity covers personal finance for and her work has been featured in The Guardian, This Is Money, Sky News, MSN Money, and many others. 

Check her website and follow her on Twitter.

Gemma Milne, Freelancer Journalist

Things you need to know about Gemma. 1) She is a powerhouse 2) She loves making science accessible to everyone 3) She will publish her first book next year! Gemma wears many hats, from Forbes writer to events organiser of Science:Disrupt, and a regular speaker to publishing Brain Reel, an amazing newsletter on science, tech, writing and freelancing. She is a force of nature! Gemma focuses on biotech, energy, space, health, advanced computing, and much more. 

Subscribe to her newsletter and follow her on Twitter.

Georgie Barrat, Presenter, The Gadget Show 

We first came across Georgie back in the day when she was the host of the Week in Tech for UKTN, and she has since gone on to join the team at 'The Gadget Show' as one of its presenters, covering all things….gadget and tech! Want a sneak peak before the next show goes out? Follow Georgie. Her work has also been featured in Marie Claire and The Mirror. 

Subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow her on Twitter.

Hannah Williams, Staff Writer, Computerworld (UK)

Hannah is a Staff Writer at Computerworld UK with a keen interest in digital transformation, enterprise IT, innovative and emerging tech, IoT and women in tech. 

Read her articles here and follow her on LinkedIn.

Holly Brockwell, Editor & Founder, Gadgette 

Holly freelances for publications such as TechRadar, Gizmodo, and Evening Standard. She focuses on consumer tech, social media, gaming and everything ambitious women want to know. Check out her Twitter feed for the latest in tech and her many birds.

Get to know her work here and follow her on Twitter.

Ingrid Lunden, Writer, and Editor, TechCrunch

Ingrid covers mobile, digital media, advertising and the spaces where these intersect for TechCrunch. Prior to TechCrunch Ingrid wrote for, and has freelanced for publications like the Financial Times.

Follow her on Twitter.

Lucy Hedges, Technology Editor, Metro

Lucy focuses on gadgets, games, and apps and leads the Tech section at Metro. She’s also a presenter for the BBC Travel Show. You can read some of her work here and follow her on Twitter.

Jessica Twentyman, Contributing Editor, diginomica

Jessica specialises in digital enterprise and digital economy, contributing to several publications with weekly analysis and exclusive interviews. She also lives in Portugal. We’re jealous. Read her articles and follow her on Twitter.

Jordan Erica Webber, Podcaster, The Guardian

Jordan hosts The Guardian's digital culture podcast ‘Chips With Everything’. She’s also the resident games expert on The Gadget Show. Learn more about her work here and follow her on Twitter.

Kate O'Flaherty, Freelance 

Kate has a great eye for cybersecurity and telecoms stories and has contributed to publications such as Wired and The Guardian. We’re also as obsessed with her dog as she is.

Check out her website and follow her on Twitter.

Katie Collins, Senior Reporter, CNET

Katie is the person to go to at CNET for smart appliances, phones, software and apps. She is passionate about innovation, great design, privacy issues and tech for good. She also runs a pretty cool travel blog on the side.

You can read her tech writing here and follow her on Twitter.

Kitty Knowles, Senior Reporter, Sifted 

Kitty is an experienced journalist in both hard news and lifestyle features. She’s a champion of female founders and women in tech. Most recently, she joined Sifted to report on startups in the UK and Europe, but she still freelances to other publications - and is doing more and more with the BBC.

Check her website and follow her on Twitter.

Madhumita Murgia, European Technology Correspondent, Financial Times

Madhu writes about AI, innovation and the impact of technology on society. She also authors a monthly column on the tech world for the FT weekend magazine and features on the weekly podcast, Tech Tonic.

You can read her work here and follow her on Twitter.

Maija Palmer, Senior Reporter, Sifted 

Maija is the former Deputy Editor for FT Special Reports and has a blog about motherhood. She’s now part of the team at Sifted (you might have gathered, we really like the publication). Maija also runs the closed Facebook group, Tech Meets Money.

You can read some of her work here and follow her on Twitter.

Mary Loritz, Head of Content, EU Startups

An American refugee in Europe - her words, not ours - Mary lives in Barcelona and works for the team at EU Startups. An experienced journalist and researcher, she covers tech and business topics and was  previously at Tech.EU.

For more add her on Twitter here

Natasha Lomas, Senior Reporter, TechCrunch 

Natasha covers technology and startup news, dividing her time between London and Barcelona. She previously covered smartphones for CNET UK and focused on mobile, wireless and telecoms for Lover of cats and poetry.

Read her most recent articles here and follow her on Twitter.

Olivia Solon, Tech Investigations, NBC

Olivia is based in San Francisco and focuses on technology, science, startups and digital culture, and is now Editor, Tech Investigations at NBC News. Also worth noting she has two wonderful French Bulldogs called Beezle and Mabel.

Check out her website and follow her on Twitter.

Rhiannon Williams, Technology Correspondent, The i paper 

Rhiannon covers consumer and wider technology subjects, including news, features, reviews, gaming, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and large-scale business acquisitions.

Read her articles here and follow her on Twitter.

Sarah Drumm, Freelancer

Sarah covers stories of startups and modern business. She also heads The Courier Friday newsletter, Courier Weekly.

Sign up for the newsletter and follow her on Twitter.

Shona Ghosh, UK Tech Editor, Business Insider UK

Shona recently became the new UK Tech Editor for BI overseeing all coverage and previously covered business technology, with a particular focus on Facebook, Snapchat, data privacy, worker wellbeing, and venture capital.

Read more about her here and follow her on Twitter.

Sophie Curtis, Technology and Science Editor, Mirror Online

Sophie covers a range of topics, from mobile and wearables to the internet of things, gaming and 3D printing.

Read her articles here and follow her on Twitter.

Victoria Turk, Features Editor, Wired UK 

Vicki has been published everywhere from Vice to Motherboard. Earlier this year she published the book 'Digital Etiquette', a humorous, practical guide to etiquette and digital culture. In addition to being Wired’s Feature Editor, she’s a big part of Wired’s book club!

Read her recent articles here and follow her on Twitter.

Yessi Bello Perez, UK Crypto Correspondent, The Next Web

Yessi was the lead person in command of UKTN for quite some time before moving to The Next Web earlier this year, where she now focuses on crypto news. Now, it’s pronounced Jessy, not Yes-E. Got it? Ok! Follow her and enjoy her writing - we think she’s fab.

Follow her on Twitter.

Zoe Kleinman, Technology Reporter, BBC News

Zoe breaks tech news, writes original features and provides in-depth analysis of big stories across BBC TV, radio and online outlets. She also has an addictive sense of wit and her Twitter is a nice look into the ins and outs of the BBC...and it’s canteen.

Follow her on Twitter.

And there’s always room for more… Tell us which journalists you admire and we’ll add them to this list!


Thanks for the recommendations so far, here is our growing list:

Ailis Brennan, Evening Standard GO London writer

Alara Basul, News Editor for UK Tech News

Almara Abgarian, Freelance & regular at Metro

Becca Caddy, Freelance, Bylines with T3, New Scientist, Wired and more!

Britta O'Boyle, Features editor at Pocket-lint

Charlotte Burns (Lotty Earns), Money Blogger

Charlotte Trueman, Staff Writer for IDG UK

Eleni Digalaki, Senior Research Analyst, Business Insider Intelligence

Eloise Linford, News at Hits Radio

Georgia Arlott, Homes News Editor, Sky News

Jennifer Savin, Features Writer, Cosmopolitan

Lauren Windle, Writer - The Sun, Mail, and more

Lea Nonninger, FinTech Research Analyst, Business Insider Intelligence

Natalya Paul, Editor at Stuff TV

Nicola Byrne, Reporter at PlaceTech

Rachel England, Freelance

Rachel Thompson, Senior Culture Reporter, Mashable

Rachael Venables, Breakfast Reporter at LBC and Global

Tola Onanuga, Tech feature writer & sub at Wired UK, Guardian & more

Verity Burns, Freelance Tech Journalist