Here are some online digital marketing courses to improve your PR game

When you own a business, having a digital presence is crucial. Especially if you are a tech business, you are expected to be on top of your digital game. To help you boost your marketing strategy, we selected some online courses you can take to learn how to improve your online presence as a business. 

Google’s Digital Garage
Google offers perhaps one of the widest ranges of online courses that you can find. Upon completion of a course, you get to take a test and can become certified, which not only looks great on your CV, but it shows that you really mastered the specific skills that you were learning. 

Google is a known pioneer in helping people obtain the skills necessary to run their business online. Digital Garage offers quite a complex package of skills that each modern business owner can utilise to grow their career and business. You can learn anything from making long term social media plans to managing your time effectively. 

With Google, you can also learn on the go. It has an app called Google Primer, which offers similar content like Digital Garage, but is easily accessible via your phone for learning during your commute or while you wait for a meeting. 

Facebook Blueprint
Facebook remains one of the most used social media networks and as such allows marketers to go through a course that teaches them all about how Facebook works and how you can use its tools to reach your target audience. 

Blueprint is particularly focused on running Facebook pages and ads on them, but there are courses for different levels, both for beginners and advanced users. Upon completion, you can also get certified. 

General Assembly 
General Assembly offers courses both online and offline, and it is a great chance to meet like-minded people and learn from each other too. They also organise one-off events in multiple cities. Besides digital marketing, they cover data, coding, design and career development. 

Hubspot Academy 
Hubspot is another platform where you can learn the ropes of digital marketing. Their courses are taught by industry experts in the form of lessons, videos and quizzes. The courses also differ in length, some take several hours to complete, but some are great as a quick knowledge fix within half an hour. 

Alison offers a range of digital marketing courses. You can choose to start from the very beginning and learn the fundamentals and build up all the way to web business development and marketing and web analytics. 

Social media advertising with Buffer 
We’ve told you about Buffer before, a platform that enables you to schedule social media posts. If you want to focus on your social media skills from a wider perspective, give a shot to Buffer’s Intro to Social Media Advertising. 

SEO Training Course by Moz
Some people say that SEO is dead, but if you are not one of them, you can definitely check out some of the courses focusing on search engine optimisation. 

The Ultimate Pinterest Guide
An extremely interesting platform in the social media world is Pinterest. While it is not used by many tech companies, it has 291 million monthly active users. If you are a business which could benefit from Pinterest, there are also courses on how to make money over there. 

Email marketing 
Although most people’s inboxes are exploding these days, email marketing is another way for reaching your target audience. Unlike social media, you don’t have to attract people to come to you. Instead, you come their way.