CEW Loves A Podcast, Pt 1. 

So Cathy, a podcast fan-girl, and I started a conversation in the office to see what people listened to! After many discussions, we’re now bringing you a mini-series to round up the faves of the office for you to see where we invest our precious earbud time. Starting with mine. 

99 Percent Invisible (99PI) is my go-to recommendation when people want new audio delights. Through 99 Percent Invisible I have increased my knowledge of all things, from an obsession with a phone box in the Mojave Desert, hearing about an airport in Newfoundland, all the way through to an interest in areas of America that suffer from drought whilst actually putting people behind bars if their lawn is too brown or badly maintained. Lawn Order - say it in a slow American voice... 

99PI has expanded my knowledge - its Moto “always read the plaque” is a great life rule. I went as far as being a donor to the team behind it for a while. 

Through 99PI, you’ll then discover Roman Mars - he not only has the most soothing voice since the M&S ‘this is not just food’ adverts, he is creating a new ‘label’ for audio journalism. Broadening the radio landscape (Wired’s words, not mine). In Radiotopia he has created a platform for some amazing indie podcasters to share their works. Keep doing you, Mr Mars! 

Song Exploder is an independent podcast whilst also being a member of Roman Mars’ Radiotopia. Famous musicians take apart their songs and describe the journey they took in creating that particular track. The very first episode was one of the tracks I grew up to, The Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights”

A few of my favourite episodes are:

☐ 35: Toro Y Moi - a really good listen. 
☐ 62: Time to Pretend by MGTM (First year heading into second year - “a modern day banger” - I am almost certain I said that at some point). 
☐ 79: Band of Horses’s Solemn Oath, and number 
☐ 98: my all time fave episode: Bonobo: Break Apart. Such an entertaining and insightful listen if you are of the Simon Green persuasion. 

To give you an idea of the artists featured, the pod has also played host to Metallica, Iggy Pop, Björk, Garbage, KT Tunstall, Deathcab, Fleetwood Mac, Mumford and Sons and Solange! 

If you are reading this Hrishikesh (the awesome producer of the show and general badass), Song Exploder will not be complete without Hanson (our colleague Renata here can’t give a five star without her boyz).

Hmmmm (bop), what next? 

The Football Ramble is a gem, you don’t need to be a football fan to enjoy it, but as one myself it certainly helps. Three very entertaining chaps, and Pete, chat about what’s going on in the game and the wider world around it. 

From ever so unfriendly abuse of Mike Ashley (deserved) to crying at the rise of Spurs, right down to the terraces of lower league football - it is well worth a listen. 


My pod-listening doesn’t stop there though. Here are a few highlights: 

Unfiltered with James O’Brien - his chats with Cantona and the poet, rapper, scholar and general inspiration, Akala, were particular favourites for me. 

Tomorrow with Joshua Topolsky - what’s happening right now - and next - in the world of culture, tech, internet, music and more. 

Recode Decode - Kara Swisher chats to some big names in the world of tech, politics and more on the future they are creating. 

Longform: The show that interviews filmmakers, writers, journos and podcasters about how and what they do. 

Harry’s Last Stand: Just listen to it for tales and insight from a man that has seen it all. A man that fought in the war telling his tales, the sadness of his sister being lost to TB and a running theme of Brexit being a shit idea (my words). 

Cortex:  I just don’t know how to describe this, but there is something so familiar with the nerd level in it - and I say it purely in a good way. CGP Grey and Mike Hurley are great - my intro to this was from a host on the MWW Podcast (good listen too, from two tech stalwarts both here in Shoreditch and Stateside) with an episode discussing the layout of apps on a phone and how they handle the nightmare, hooked. 

So there you have it, I got carried away, and from one blog about my favourite podcast we have a mini-series. Keep an eye on the blog for some great content from my colleagues as well as my interview with Cathy on her favourite podcasts. As a podcast producer and fan-girl herself, it is going to have some crackers, of that I am sure.