5 tools to help you with PR

While PR these days is about so much more than being seen in the media, we thought it would be handy to have a quick refresh on the tools available to you to help you manage your PR and work with journalists. These will help you get organised in no time!

Talkwalker Alerts

Think Google Alerts, but somehow better. The Luxembourg based team has created a free alerts system that will save you your most precious commodity: time. Simply add in your email and whatever it is you need alerts for, and Talkwalker does the rest. This is very helpful when it comes to tracking what the media is saying about you and your competitors.


Yes, as PR professionals we spend most of our time crafting stories and angles, but the press is a fickle beast and when it comes to public relations you have to be able to hit everyday running. That’s where the wonderful people over at ResponseSource come in. Just on a basic level, journalists put together a synopsis of what they are looking for, you get it in your inbox and can then reply if you have something that relates to the inquiry. ResponseSource is also a very useful tool to get journalists contacts and get your media list shining and ready to go!


If you don’t have the money available right now for a ResponseSource account, or even if you do, you should still use this site. JournoRequest takes the time to filter out the ten billion #JournoRequests on Twitter and then emails the best ones that fit your categories directly to your inbox.


Good old Twitter is great. Of course, it can be an echo-chamber but if used correctly it can be a very helpful tool to find journalists. Use it to start building that all-important relationship. PR is a people industry still, making friends and supporting others WILL come back to you. Be kind, be thoughtful, help people and they will, in turn, help you when the chance arises. Follow the threads and check Twitter on the way to work, you will learn so much!


Yep, we went there! If you have ten thousand emails to send, five different pitches, four hundred contacts and data, where do you keep all of this organised? No matter what the salesperson tells you about the plethora of different companies trying to fill this void, they are missing one thing: THERE IS NO VOID.

A well organised and constantly updated Google sheet, shared with your colleagues at work is simply brilliant. Yes, they take a little time to set up, they seem like a pain to run but all your contacts, all your to-dos and the likes are visible by all and editable. Never again will you have to Slack the person across the desk to check where things are or who has the contact for the BBC tech journos whose name you forgot. Spreadsheets rule!


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