How to stay motivated


Is the beginning of the week making you feel a bit down? If you find that your motivation is lacking, know that you are not alone.

Everyone has gone through that period in their work or in life where they’ve lacked the motivation they once had. But fear not! We’ve compiled a list of tips you can always use to get your drive back.

Reach out to others

Sometimes all we need is some reassurance and support. Having someone to share your thoughts with and support you in your time of need can be all the motivation you need. Sharing a strong social support system is the greatest source of resilience, success, and happiness that you can have. When you begin to lose sight of your goals, having a trusted "someone" can help guide and remind us of those goals we set and gives us the strength to get the ball rolling again.

Break down goals

Breaking down objectives into smaller goals can help you focus better and will make achieving them a lot easier.

Our motivations are highly dependent on the dopamine system. When we take on a goal, we need to pump ourselves with dopamine along the way. Reassuring ourselves that we will feel rewarded at the end of our pursuit is like driving with no fuel. Luckily, even physically ticking off the task we set out to complete gives us enough of a dopamine surge to make us want to continue our pursuit.

Don't make the tasks so monumental that you have to go a long way before feeling rewarded. Break them down, do them whether you feel like it or not, and keep rewarding yourself with variety and aplomb as you go!

Celebrate the wins!

Sometimes thinking about the company’s main goal can be overwhelming, especially if it’s a long-term objective, making you feel like it's not possible to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The simple solution is to simply celebrate the smaller milestones you’re hitting that are contributing to your overall goals.

Make a to-do list of your objectives, and each time you cross off one of them give yourself a reward. Celebrate your wins. However small these wins may seem, they can boost your inner work life tremendously. A celebration is more than just an excuse to party, it’s taking a moment to pause and acknowledge your accomplishments.

Find a hobby outside of work

If your motivation is low and you feel like you are forced to take on activities you care very little about, try and find an activity outside of work that can give you intrinsic meaning and has a direct purpose for your life. This way, you’re not coming to work feeling you are being deprived of any fulfilment and into an environment where everyone is on edge.

Focus on one small success a day

Sometimes it’s easy to focus on the things that you’re not accomplishing. But chances are, you’re probably still experiencing small successes every day --you’re just not seeing them as a “win” because you’re too focused on a “bigger” task. Completing a project is a win, and so is making that difficult phone call when you really didn’t feel like making it. As little as this may seem it goes a long way to help you get that motivation back.


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