My Summer as an Intern at CEW Communications


Eight weeks have passed since I jumped off my taxi and entered Runway East in Shoreditch, the home of CEW. Time really flew by since that Friday in June when I joined the team and entered the world of PR and Comms.

I’m one year into my Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics at Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden. I wanted to gain work experience abroad and couldn’t think of a more multicultural and interesting city to work in than London. 

I came across CEW Communications during my research of places to work and decided to get in touch with Cathy, the Founder & Director. After a few interviews and a delayed flight, I was finally here!

Since I’m a business student I didn’t quite have a lot of previous experiences within the PR and Comms industry but by joining the CEW team I’ve had a great opportunity to learn from the pros.

My first week in I was assigned to create social media content for some of our clients. That’s easy I thought --I was born in the late 90s so I know the different platforms quite well. But how wrong I was!

Marketing and social media are crucial for every modern business, and developing a multi-channel social media strategy takes so much more than just a hobby interest. You need to know your audience, adapt your content, research and invest a lot of time. One of the many tasks I had here included to create Instagram Stories giving tips on how the PR industry works --I’ve made one in which I exemplified how to adapt content to the different social media platforms; follow @cewcomms and watch it. 


Further, I’ve learned so much more about the tech scene. Working in an area like “Silicon Roundabout” where I was constantly surrounded by inspiring startups was a priceless experience. 

We’re heading towards an increasingly digital future and from being here for the past couple of months, I would say this future looks bright. I’ve been working with clients from all kinds of industry within the tech ecosystem --from PropTech, FinTech and BioTech to Accelerators and Blockchain experts and watching them scale. Companies that make lives easier for so many people with the help of technological solutions. I mean, keyless homes, easy hiring and a full spectrum innovation ecosystem to scale businesses into China sound too good to be true. But it’s not, it’s a future we are already living!

Last but definitely not least, I’ve learned about how important PR is for the growth of companies. Visibility is vital for early-stage startups but making a business stand out is not an easy task. Especially not when there were 10,000 tech companies created in the UK last year. Professional PR can help brands by raising their awareness as well as building credibility around them and making them more influential.

Today, I’m flying back with even more luggage than I arrived with. Not because I’ve spent all my spare time at Oxford Street, but because it’s filled with tons of new knowledge and experience. 

Thanks to Cathy, Doug and Renata, you all are truly inspiring and amazing to work with. I’m very grateful to have spent the Summer learning from you! 



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