How to elevate your content


While a press release may help you get some press attention, it’s easy for your news to get lost in the daily cycle. That is why you need to find your own way of elevating your announcement across your own channels to engage your community and boost awareness.

Depending on what you're announcing, you may want to use a few different forms of content, and find fun attention grabbing ways to get the reader/viewers attention.

There are going to be a bunch of different things to consider.

First up: what channels do you have at your disposal?
Certain types of content work better on different channels. Consider what you have and who your audience is. What is going to get across to them? Don't start a new social channel just to use it to share content. Social followings take time, so only work on content you can create and build into platforms you already have.

Secondly, is your announcement visual? 
If you have a new product, for instance, video and images are going to be your friends. It's all well and good telling people about it, but visuals engage your audience. Use video across all social channels, and at the very least images, to get your audience excited.

Third: Be. Punchy.
You're a startup, so experiment!

Jump on a Facebook live video and talk about your news. It doesn't need to be longer than 60 seconds!

Use Snapchat. Use Instagram. Use Periscope. But always consider the audience.

Some channels may be aimed to your users and others may be closer to you --your work connections or family! Make sure your tone matches the potential viewer.

Get writing!
Regardless of whether you use video or images, everything needs to be tied together with text. It could be a tweet, post, newsletter or blog. OR ALL OF THE ABOVE. The writing part is still incredibly important.

If you have some big news, make sure you're telling all your key messages in the most engaging form. Know what your top line version is --the one line that can be repeated in everything you write.

Don't say too much. If you write a blog post, make sure people can read it in 2-3 minutes or less. If you write a longer post on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, find fun ways to keep eyes on your news below the fold.

Build out a spreadsheet and keep all your content in one place --it's a useful way to measure success later, and quickly share posts with key contacts to get others sharing your news. 

Remember to link it all back to the same destination
Don't create traffic unless you want it to go somewhere, so make sure all your posts and content lead to the same point.

Planning is key
Whenever you make an announcement, try and put a schedule together that helps boost your news over a couple of weeks. Imagine you've turned the tap on, let it run, and then slowly started to turn it off, until you have a few drops left. If you only share your news once, don't expect good results.

Put some $$$ behind it
Boost social media posts that are performing well organically. A little uplift pushed towards a specific audience could seriously help raise your awareness. Great opportunity to test and learn for the future, too!

We all have competitors or companies we admire. So the next time you see an announcement from them, see if you can figure out what else they did as part of the campaign. It's a great exercise to unpin how news has been shared and gives you an idea of what channel performed the best. Be a great stalker, put together a board of inspiration and always keep thinking about being creative with your news. 

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