Twitter: 5 top tips


As with all social media channels, enthusiasm can be zapped at any point and the account can be left dormant or rarely used. Your profiles are your shop windows to the outside world, you do not want to leave them dusty, dirty, bird poo splattered or graffiti covered. It’s completely fine to have blips in activity, but try not to leave it too long and get back on the horse (or blue bird) pronto.

The trick is to have some quick-fire tactics to get your creative juices flowing and to leave your audience hungry for more. These tips will spice up your tweet life.

Could your Twitter do with some TLC? Perhaps a little scrub up? We know just the article to get you tweeting terrifically!

Share positive press coverage

If you have received great news, shout it from the rooftops! There is no better place for this than Twitter. When sharing press coverage, it’s always a good idea to add a comment about the piece. This can be a direct quote or a thought-provoking question to entice a reply from another user.

When sharing news articles, be sure to tag (@) the publication and, if possible, the journalist. This can help to get the article seen and you can be sure that the journalist will appreciate the virtual high-five, too. In this way, you can build a rapport with journalists and the little hits of dopamine from the notifications they receive will cause them to remember and favour you.

Engage in conversation

Hey! How are you? Thanks for reading this blog post.

A simple query about wellness is an easy interaction to make, but try to think a bit more outside of the box. There is no point in replying to the news posts of giant media outlets, they will not respond to you and you are more likely to encounter trolls. Set your sights on influencers in your sector and take them to town with your knowledge of their area. They will be impressed, engage in conversation with, and follow you. This is also an easy way to get free promo as when they reply your conversation is displayed as a chain on the timeline of their followers. Cha-ching.

Be approachable

Relax. Take it easy. Nobody likes someone who is uptight and serious all the time. You should lay out a tone of voice document for your account if you haven’t done so already but definitely do not lean to the super serious end.

Twitter content is jovial, it’s barbaric, it’s hilarious and it’s banal. It’s everything, because it mirrors the crazy world that we live in. Your content should be diverse too, otherwise against the plethora of content on Twitter, you fade into the background. People are more likely to follow and engage with you if you are upbeat and approachable. Cheer up, Chuck!

Keep your strategy in mind

In the mighty Twitters own words: “It’s important to have a clear roadmap while keeping a finger on the pulse on Twitter’s fast-moving trends.”

There’s not a huge amount to say here, as your strategy is like your fingerprint - unique to you. If you have a strategy, stick to it. If it doesn’t work, change it. Social media is transient and you do not need to follow one rule forever... switch it up! You want to wear those patterned trousers this weekend? You go for it. Walk the walk and talk the talk! Be your own biggest fan and that’ll convince others of your greatness too. I can see those new follower notifications rolling into your phone from here.

#Don’t #overdo #the #hashtags

Hashtags are great but overdoing them exposes you as a social media rookie. Sprinkle them delicately on your tweet, a bit like Salt Bae. One to two (three if you’re feeling daring) on each tweet is enough.

Think creatively about them, too. There’s scope for them to be a humour tool (a la The Circle) or to become a viral trend. Be sure to search them before they are used, to make sure that there is an audience for that # and that you can piggyback onto it.

Good luck!