Why you should hire a Comms agency in 2018


If a new business is created and no one is around to witness it, does it make any media noise? It probably doesn’t. It doesn’t matter how revolutionary your idea is when you start a new company you still need to have a good communications strategy in place to make sure people know you actually exist. And this is when having a Comms professional working for you comes into play. 

At this point in History, it should not be a big surprise how important it is for companies to have a PR & Communications apparatus in place. We help brands to build their image, secure their interests, manage relationships, and much more. A professional working in the sector will help you build a strategy tailored to your needs that will contribute with strengthening your credibility not only with the media but with the general public too, which can help bring new business to you.

A Comms agency will not only do PR work for you but can also assist you with producing content that can be used for marketing purposes to make your company grow. This can be done through email campaigns, blog posts, opinion pieces, social media, and so on.

If you are a small business or a startup then you have even more reason to hire a Comms agency in 2018. It is crucial that you stand out at this early stage so if you have an innovative idea, you need to move fast so the market and your competitors know about it.

Having a communications agency working for you will be even more important to help you build your brand and raise awareness around it on a larger scale. This will be beneficial not only from a public relations point of view as the exposure will help you get new partnerships and even more investors, who usually find out about new opportunities by following the industry news.

Besides doing all this work for you, a Comms agency can advise you on the best ways to tell the stories you want to share with your target audience --you can learn more about storytelling hacks in one of the editions of The Communications Workshop, our weekly newsletter (sign up here).

Don’t wait around for your business to get noticed. Get in touch with us and find out more about our startup packages and how we can help your business grow.