The Problem of Working with Founders…

I’ve spent the past five years working with tech startups. In a rough calculation, I reckon that I have worked with, advised or mentored 150+ startups and founders from around Europe on their comms and marketing.

The problem of working with founders is that I want to be one.

Today, December 3rd, I am excited to tell you all that I am now the Founder and Director of CEW Communications, the start of a company I’ve been dreaming of for the best part of three years.

Much love to  Benjamin Southworth  for surprising me with this logo!

Much love to Benjamin Southworth for surprising me with this logo!

People who know me closely, will know that all I’ve ever wanted to do is grow my own company. I’m happy (and terrified, in equal measure) to say I am finally making the leap.

I want to build a company that challenges the normal assumptions of agency existence, to the benefit of its clients and staff. One that works in a way that makes sense for businesses of today and can keep on pace with fast-growing and moving scale-ups. A partner, not a service. The add-on CMO for small business.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with an inspiring bunch of entrepreneurs, VC’s and communication professionals, who have made sure that I dream big and aspire to create and build a business that matches every value I have. I’m hugely grateful to anyone who has ever passed along advice, mentored or offered to help me — you have my eternal thanks!

I have the full support of Tech City UK as I move into my new venture and I’ve learnt a lot from the organisation over the past six months. The team are passionate about what they do for the UK tech community and it will be great to watch from the sidelines as we head into 2017. I’ll be working the team on a part-time basis for the rest of this year, and I’m grateful for their backing.

Every business has to start somewhere, and for CEW Communications, that somewhere is just me. I’m launching with a few amazing clients, companies I’ve worked with previously, and I am of course on the hunt for more!

If you know anyone looking for comms support there is a special place at a bar in Shoreditch where you can redeem a drink as thanks! I’ll buy. You can reach me at and follow on Twitter @cewcomms.

More to come in the next few weeks. But for now — a big thank you to everyone who has supported me — watch this space.